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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
SX 5055A
R/A .3 HP 20,000 RPM Die Grinder1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
SX 5056
R/A Die Grinder, 16,000 Rpm1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
SX 5268
4 1/2 In R/A 12,000 RPM Air Grinder1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
Right Angle Die Grinder, 20,000 RPM1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
SX SAS10A125
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5in R/A Sander, 12,000 RPM1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
SX SWG10A125
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5in R/A Grinder, Type 27, 12,000 RPM1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
SX SWG10S124
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4 In R/A 1 HP 18,000 RPM Grinder1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
SX SWG10S1245
4 1/2 In R/A 1 HP 12,000 RPM Grinder1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.
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4in Wheel Grinder, .7 hp, 13K Rpm1SIOUX TOOLS,INC.