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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
GG 223068
Air Hose Assy1GRACO INC.
GG 223069
Electrostatic Air Hose 15ft LH Thread1GRACO INC.
GG 223070
Air Hose Assy1GRACO INC.
GG 223071
Grounded LP Air Hose Assy, 5/16 x 36ft.1GRACO INC.
GG 223072
Air Hose Assy, 5/16in. x 50ft., 1/4(fbe)1GRACO INC.
GG 223073
Air Hose Assy1GRACO INC.
GG 223074
Electrostatic Air Hose 100ft LH Thread1GRACO INC.
GG 244963
Hose, Grounded, 6 Ft1GRACO INC.
GG 244964
Hose, Grounded, 15 Foot1GRACO INC.
GG 244965
Hose, Grounded, 25ft1GRACO INC.
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