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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
BB 84-120
Fluid Regulator (Ceramic)1FINISHINGBRANDS
CL MP2264B
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1/4 Quick-Change Pistol Impact Nutrunner1APEX POWER TOOLS
DE DW965K-2
Cordless Drill,R/A,12V 3/8in1DEWALT INDUSTRIAL TOOL CO
GG 182613
AA Tip 12-14in .0131GRACO INC.
GV 1007138
OptiFlex 2, Box Unit1GEMA
GV 1007139
OptiFlex2 Fluid Hopper Unit1GEMA
GV 1008211
OptiFlex 2 Wall Unit1GEMA
GV 1008216
OptiFlex2 L1GEMA
GV 1012280
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Optiflex 2, F Spray 1P, 1AP01, 1G1GEMA
GV 1014663
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OptiFlex 2B Spray 1P1AP011GEMA
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