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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
AA 27520-000
D/S Regulator,1/4in,Zinc,5-125 psi1ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 27520-100
D/S Regulator,1/4in,Zinc,0-50 psi1ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 27520-400
D/S Regulator,1/4in,Zinc,0-30 psi1ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-A1A-B
D/S Regulator,3/8in,Cs,400-1250psi,3/161ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-A1B-B
D/S Regulator, 3/8in, CS, 1000-3000psi1ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-A3A-B
D/S Regulator,3/8in,SS,400-1250 psi,1ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-A3B-B
D/S Regulator,3/8in,Ss,1000-3000 psi,3/11ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-B1A-B
D/S Regulator,3/8in,Cs,400-1250psi,1/4 B1ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-B1B-B
D/S Regulator,3/8in,Cs,1000-3000psi,1/41ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
AA 651780-B1R-B
D/S Regulator,3/8in,Cs,400-5000 psi,1/41ARO FLUID PRODUCTS
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