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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
RP 3020
RP 3039
Paint Arrestor, Std, 40ft x 45in, 1/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3051
Paint Arrestor, Std, 6ft x 45in 6/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3052
Paint Arrestor, Std, 7ft x 45in, 5/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3053
Paint Arrestor, Std, 8ft. x 45in. 4/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3135
H/C Roll Media 20 ft x 45in1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3152
Paint Arrestor, HC, 45in x 7ft, 3/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3153
Paint Arrestor HC 45in x 8ft 3/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3154
Paint Arrestor, H/C, 9ft. x 45in. 3/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
RP 3155
Paint Arrestor, H/C,10ft. x 45in. 3/Bag1RESEARCH PRODUCTS CORP.
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