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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
VI R1/00
6904003 Diffusion Panel 20in x 20in1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP
VI R1/04
6904007 Diffusion Panel 20in x 24in1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP
VI R1/05
6904013 Diffusion Panel 20in x 25in1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP
VI R1/050
6904015 Diffusion Panel 20in x 50in1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP
VI R1/44
6904025 Diffusion Panel 24in x 24in (Ea)1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP
VI R1/65P
6904029 R-1 Panel 16in x 25in (ea)1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP
VI R2/05P
73038746 R-2 Panel 20in x 25in (ea)1FREUDENBERG NONWOVENS,LP