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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
IW 3025
Gravity Spraygun, W-71 1.5mm1ANEST IWATA USA,INC.
IW 3045
W71-21GN 1.3mm Gravity Spraygun1ANEST IWATA USA,INC.
IW 3075
W77-11G 1.4mm Spray Gun, Gravity Fed1ANEST IWATA USA,INC.
IW 4450B
W101-101G Gravity Feed Comp Gun Only 1.01ANEST IWATA USA,INC.
IW 4707U
W400-142G Gravity Gun W/Cup1ANEST IWATA USA,INC.
IW 4727U
W400-132G Gravity Gun/Cup1ANEST IWATA USA,INC.