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Item IDDescriptionPkg QtyManufacturerQuantity
GV 1000047
Kit, 15mm Flat Jet Nozzle1GEMA
GV 1000049
Nozzle, 15mm Standard Flat Jet1GEMA
GV 1000055
Holder, Flat Jet Electrode1GEMA
GV 1000118
Nozzle, 15mm Blank1GEMA
GV 1000120
Nozzle, 24mm Wide Flat Spray1GEMA
GV 1000121
Kit, Complete 24mm Flat Jet Nozzle1GEMA
GV 1000122
Nozzle, 15mm Oval1GEMA
GV 1003182
Nozzle, 24mm Metallic1GEMA
GV 1003634
Adapter, 15mm Nozzle MultiSpray1GEMA
GV 1003856
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Canbus Hub Assy, Light Curtain1GEMA
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