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1. Shop Online:
Place your order online at store.airpower-usa.com. With your online Air Power Account, you can save time with 24/7 availability, easy ordering options and quick access to information. You may shop as a guest without registering or you may register for a login id to access customer specific pricing, sale item notification, special pricing on select items, promo notifications, check current order status and view your purchase history.


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2. Phone: 
Call us at (800) 334-1001. Air Power inc. is ready to answer your call, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST). We have almost 50 years of industry knowledge and can help you get the right product the first time to meet your specific needs.


3. Fax
Fax your purchase orders to (336) 889-2745Available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Please be sure to provide:

  • Account number
  • Billing and shipping address
  • Purchase order number, if applicable
  • Your name and telephone number
  • Product number/description
  • Unit of measure and quantity ordered
  • Promo Code (if applicable)

My Shopping Lists

Unique shopping lists can be created by user for a quick, easy way to access the products (including the specific quantity) you purchase on a regular basis. Set up your shopping lists from the My Shopping List link found in the top left toolbar on almost every page of the site.

Once you have created a list, search for the items you would like to add to the list, choose a quantity and click Add to List. To use your list click on the Shopping List link in the top left toolbar. Select the Shopping List you would like to use and click the Submit button.



Search Tips

With thousands of items available on regionalsupply.com, and new products constantly being added, finding the product you're looking for may seem a bit daunting. To find exactly what you need, as quickly as possible, we provide three methods to search our store: A Quick Search, an Advanced Search, and a Store Directory.

Quick Search

In the quick search, you may search by item code, description, customized part number or vendor. This search is located in the right sidebar of every store page. There is a drop down box to help identify the search.

All searches use an AND between search terms.  A match will result if the search term matches even a partial part of a word.

A “description” search for: Chrome will match the following descriptions:

A “description” search for: 1 CARB will match the following descriptions:
POLYCARBONATE CLEAR .118in x 48in x 96in

A “description” search for: COAT 1 will match the following descriptions:

Types of Searches
Item Code:
(Use this search if your know an exact or partial Item Number):

(Use this search to search for items if you know some of the description or keywords)

Customer Part Number:
(Use this search if your part numbers are loaded in the Regional Supply database)

A good technique is to first search by description using a very brief term that you know will be in the description, and then based on the results, do another search within the results using the terms and abbreviations that appear in the descriptions of items similar to what you are searching for.

Another good technique is to first search by Vendor for the Manufacturer’s name, then either browse the results for your item, or do a description search using terms similar to what you viewed in the Vendor search.

The percent (%) sign works as a wild card character in the product search box. If you know a word or phrase that describes a product, the wild card will search and return all part numbers that include the word or phrase you are searching on. You may also use quotation marks around a search term to find an exact match.

Advanced Search

If you are unsure what category a product you are looking for is contained, try our Advanced Product Search. The Advanced Product Search allows you to specify your criteria for multiple fields at one time. Simply decide what's important to you for each option, and then scan the entire regionalsupply.com inventory for items that match.

Every now and then you may get a search that returns No Results. If you see this, please check to make sure that you spelled the keyword correctly. Although we will attempt to return the information that you want, misspelled words will not generally match anything in our database.

Store Directory Search

To make things easy, we've grouped our products into several categories. These categories are located on the left-hand side of most pages on the website. When you select one of the product categories, that categories contents are displayed in the middle of the screen. This category drill-down continues until you reach the lowest level of a category where a products item code will be displayed.



Take a look at our specials category or use the specials button to find the latest deals and promo items!


Customized Part Numbers

Let us take the hassle out of purchasing by allowing you to use your own part numbers when you buy from us. We can cross reference and load your item numbers so all you have to do is tell us what you need, and we'll automatically convert it to the manufacturer's number and ship your product to you.


Order Checkout Instructions

To change the quantity of an item, enter the new amount in the field provided and click the UPDATE CART button.

To remove an item, please click REMOVE next to the item that you do not wish to purchase.

Planning to place this order again? Create a new shopping list or add your shopping cart items to an existing Shopping List for future purchases.

Continue shopping to leave this screen. Be sure to update your cart if you are adding more items to this order.

Regional Supply has partnered with Network Solutions to provide a secure site for all your online purchases. Simply choose a payment option from the checkout screen and provide the requested information to have your order paid in full upon delivery. 

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